How to invite positivity into your life

Out with the old, in with the new.

We are getting a new sofa, so out comes our our old sofa and in comes the new one – with electric recliners.

You see, my old sofa, although it is functioning just as well as when it came into my life, it just isn’t serving me anymore. We have had a good run of times, we have great memories but my needs have changed, and what that sofa provides me hasn’t. I’ve grown and now, it is holding me back. It’s very presence in my life is taking up valuable real-estate that could be the home of something else. I don’t enjoy it any less, but I know there is more out their available to me. So it needs to go, to create room in my life for the electric recliner.

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This has got me thinking about the people we have in our lives; family, friends, those life long friends that are our family, the people we work with. All the people that we spend our most valuable currency on – our time – and how that is making room for growth.

I have made sacrifices to get to where I am, not just my beloved sofa. I had friends that were great fun to be with, and when I was low and needing to be physically dragged out of the house, they were exactly what I needed. They never really had my back though and when I started to put more attention into my business they put it down and, for whatever reasons they had, tried to hold me back. The first time I told them about my business was the last time I socialised with them. How they reacted that day told me so much about them as people and I no longer had any currency left to waste on them.

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I have also had friends and family who have been so excited for me and supportive of me from the start, those are the diamonds left when the sand has been filtered and (I hope) will be in my life forever.

The friends, family members that no longer serve me, no longer occupy masses of my time or thoughts. I still have to engage with some of them at family events and I still enjoy some of their company but I limit the amount of time I spend with people who don’t build me up or give me energy and motivation. The vampires in my life who leave me feeling drained or negative, are no longer major parts of my life, if they are in it at all.

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This purging, distilling, filtering of my social circle has left more room to focus on my business, room for me to forge more valuable connections with the new diamonds I have found, and more energy to look after myself. Room and space I wouldn’t have, energy and time I wouldn’t have if I still had these people in my life.

Are the people or indeed objects in your life serving you? Do they lift your spirits? As Marie Kondo would say, do they bring you joy? If not, then maybe it is time to prune back and allow room for some fresh, new growth.

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crop kid weighing on scale

Why you haven’t lost weight this week?Why you haven’t lost weight this week?

The diet industry is not fir for purpose and it has become clear that many women are struggling with the pressure to succeed. I’ve heard from a lot of ladies who feel stressed, unmotivated at their clubs because they didn’t drop a stone on week 1 or are progressing much slower than expected – this breaks my heart!

Has this ever happened to you?

How did you feel? I used to feel like it was my fault. That I must have done something wrong on the diet without realising, or that my body just didn’t work the same as others and wasn’t as good. I was worried about weigh ins, and if I hadn’t lightened by at least 3lb I felt awful about myself. Even when I shed 1 lb, I beat myself up as it wasn’t “enough”.

So why does this happen?

Adipocyte cell  showing fat reservoir

When we lose weight fat cells break down, but what a lot of people aren’t taught, is that those cells don’t break down immediately. The body likes to be prepared, and if the cells are needed again soon they need to be ready. Rather than breaking down, the fat reservoir fills with water. By the time you weigh in, they are still heavy, although you have lost fat. Once the body knows those cells are no longer necessary for you, they break down and you finally see that reward on the scales.

Drinking enough water is the best way to stay hydrated. When our bodies are properly nourished, we retain less than if they’re lacking anything else! That’s why it’s important for everyone – keep drinking 8 glasses every day.

If you are getting lighter on your diet, but getting frustrated as the weight is going, but not as fast as you like try this exercise:

clear glass jars on white wooden shelf
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Grab a bag and raid your cupboards. Take out packets and tins and whatever you need to do until the bag weighs the same as the amount of weight you have shed since you started your diet. Now take that bag with you everywhere you go for the day, walking the dog, to the park with the kids. Even to the loo!

In the evening when you put that bag down and put everything back in your cupboards, notice how much lighter you feel without it. How much easier it is to move. You used to carry that weight around with you everyday and now you can put it down. The more weight you drop, the easier your life will become.

You are not alone in your weight loss journey. Many people have embarked on the same path and achieved great success. Remember, it is important to be patient and allow your body time to adjust as you make healthy changes. Stay focused on your goals, take things one step at a time, and remember to enjoy the process! I am here to support you every step of the way. Are you ready to get started?


What Does Self Care Mean, and Why Is It Important?What Does Self Care Mean, and Why Is It Important?

Self care is important because it helps you maintain your mental and physical health.

It can be used as a tool to help overcome trauma, depression, anxiety, stress, addiction or any other negative feelings that may affect the way one perceives themselves.

So what is Self-care?

It is all about caring for ourselves to manage our health without the aid of a medical professional. In health care, self-care is any human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated, for the purpose of the maintenance of health and wellbeing.

Self-care has become more popular as not only are medications expensive and come with long waiting lists, but we are all becoming more aware of the emotional and mental effects of not looking after ourselves properly. The problem with defining it comes in our uniqueness as individuals – there are as many ways to take care of yourself as there are people to do it.

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Self-care can also be an outlet for creativity; activities like cooking healthy food, painting on canvas or creating art in general.

It can be exercising and working out or it can be getting together with your best friend for hug and a chat. Whatever self-care looks like for you personally, you need to work with what makes you feel good about yourself.”

A common misconception about self-care practices is that they’re only important to those who lack access to may be a little ‘hippie’ or with much more time on their hands. The reality is that even small acts of self-care benefit everyone. From putting lotion on your skin in the morning to attending a 5 day yoga retreat, looking after yourself is not only important for everyone’s wellbeing, but possible for even the busiest of us to acheive.

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Self-care can include taking a break from work to do something else, getting enough sleep each night, eating nutritious food, drinking water regularly and exercising. It may seem like these are all simple tasks, but they are often overlooked by people who have busy lives and don’t take time to prioritize their own well being.

Eating well every day may seem like an easy task to accomplish when self-care isn’t on your mind; however with how busy our lives are these days people often forget about their own needs which leads them having less energy throughout the day.

It’s not just what you eat either – sometimes people find themselves eating junk foods because they’re “too tired” after a long day to make themselves a nutritious meal. While junk food is quick and easy, it’s not going to give you the energy or nutrition that your mind & body needs.

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Self-care can also be something as simple as spending time with friends – but often times people don’t take this into consideration either because they’re too focused on work. Spending quality time with family members every now and then will allow for better communication and bonding between relatives while allowing you some much needed downtime.

The list goes on! Self care means different things to different people so find what works best for you by exploring your favourite activities.

One important thing to note is that self-care should never be used as a way to escape from reality or deal with difficult emotions like stress, anxiety and depression. If you’re struggling in some other aspect of your life it’s crucial that you seek professional help before using self-care as the “quick fix” for those issues. When done properly, though, self care can lead to great benefits – which are listed below!

* Improved immune system function * Reduced blood pressure * Increased feelings of happiness * Better coping skills when dealing with future stressful situations

I could go on all day about how much good regular self care does for our mental and physical health but I’ll stop here by mentioning one last benefit – self care can help with relaxation and relieve stress


How to Say NoHow to Say No

What was the last thing you said “No” to? A meal? Drinks with friends?

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Why did you say no; was it that you had plans with others, plans with yourself, or just couldn’t face it? How did you feel when you said No? Guilty, annoyed with yourself, tired?

You aren’t alone.

I used to feel so guilty and upset with myself if I said no to people. You want me to bake biscuits for your party? “yes”. You want me to give up the one night this week with my husband to look after your children? “Yes”. You want me to put my whole life on hold for you? “Yes”.

I would put so much on my plate and struggle to get everything done, icing cakes at ten o’clock at night. I would feel so guilty if I said no to anyone, that I just said yes to everyone. I would stay up all night to get through my list and crawl into bed feeling like I had missed out on time with my children and my husband, no matter what I accomplished I always felt like a failure, but I found out that it doesn’t have to be this way to have friends. People still like me now I have healthy boundaries, in fact they like me better now I respect myself enough to set them. Do you know the biggest surprise though on this journey, that it is so EASY once you start.

It all started by saying yes to my husband ironically. He was the first one to tell me to put a day in the diary every month that was for just me. I tried just keeping some space in my mind, but I always ended up filling it. It wasn’t until I put it physically in the diary that I was able to honestly say no to people.

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The first few times I said no to others in favour of myself, I still felt so guilty. I would spend that designated me time beating myself for letting everyone around me down, but after a couple do you know what? NO ONE cared. Not one single person that matters cared. I didn’t have to lie and say I was unwell or had other plans and people not only accepted hearing No, but I was still invited and given the opportunity to say yes.

Now I spend time with my friends and family, I help them when I can and I enjoy spa days, long baths and time to myself. I finish my day with most of the jobs done, but I don’t care if it’s not perfect or I have to roll somethings to the next day. I’m proud of myself, I’m happier and somehow, actually have more time for my family and friends.

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Every time you say No to something, you are saying Yes to something else.

Make sure the things you are saying yes to are worth it.