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3 easy tricks to survive your children this summer

You’re hot, You have a million and one things to do between the home, work and trying to entertain the small demons you created that are running round demanding everything, and if you hear “mum” one more time you might just literally explode – but you wont because you know it will still be your job to clean all the ‘you’ off the walls.

I’ve been there, I felt my children were driving me crazy, I was drowning under the constant tide of washing, cleaning and trips to the potty and I couldn’t cope. All these phrases and images were coming out of my mouth and poisoning my mind.

Our minds are so clever and able to do the most amazing things, but they are also undiscerning and pretty gullible. Our mind absorbs and takes in everything we tell it, even when it’s completely absurd.

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Every time I referred to my children as demon spawn, my mind believed it and soon a trepidation took shape that made me feel low at the idea of spending the day with them. Every time I said I was drowning under all my home, parenting and work responsibilities my mind let it in. Every time I told it I was being driven crazy, that I couldn’t cope, that I was useless, my brain believed me and soon I was having physical symptoms. I had panic attacks and felt snappy and at the point I sought help, I thought I might genuinely be crazy – because that’s the appropriate response to the extreme images I was creating in my mind and I had told myself I wasn’t equipped to deal with it.

And the best part, my children are not awful. Not in slightest. My home is not dirty and my work gets done – eventually. All I wanted was to spend time with them, have a picnic or go on a day out but these things all felt impossible to me.

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That was the first thing that needed to change. Being a lover of language, creative writing and all things literature. I had to do something that felt very unnatural. I needed to stop using such negative and emotive language. I needed to stop exaggerating the negative and start telling my brain some useful stuff. – Number 1. Ditch the negative self talk. Your children aren’t demons, hell spawn or anything else you call them. They are your children. You love them. You couldn’t imagine life without them, even if they are challenging at times. Of course you can cope, your success rate for coping to date is 100%, that is amazing. You have phenominal coping skills.

Number 2 – “Will you put your shoes on”, “We need to go, put your shoes on”, “No they are on the wrong feet”, “Where is your other shoe”, “JUST GET YOUR DARN SHOES ON RIGHT NOW!!!!”

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We get angry, we tell ourselves they are making us angry. But are they? Are they not just being mostly age appropriate children thinking it’s funny getting a reaction out of you, daydreaming and wondering what your 3rd favourite Octonaught is. I was making myself angry all those times. I was letting myself get worked up. So I changed tactics, “What are you going to put on first, your shoes or your coat?” usually works but on the days when he is really in daydream land “We are leaving at this time, if you don’t have your shoes on, you will have to walk to the car in bare feet”, is better. I say it once and the responsibility is with him to put them on or not and he will face the consequence. I only had to say it once, I didn’t get mad and luckily he had his shoes on before I had his little sister in the car.

Setting expectations like this and making sure I followed through was key. Some days it was hard, I was tired or foggy and would forget if I had already given a warning and so they would get two or three warnings and I would feel myself getting tense (notice I didn’t say feel my blood boiling, ha-ha). And sometimes even now, I still shout but it’s so occasionally and I know I’m still doing a phenominal job. I do actually have amazing coping skills.

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Finally, make time for them. Book the day out, even if you don’t feel like it. Go for the picnic or the nature walk or have the water fight. I can hear you screaming at me, “when Mel, when do I do that between the cooking, the cleaning and the laundry”. I know you think, I would if I could. But you can. It sounds counter-intuitive I know, but spending time with your children makes more time, and everyone is happier. So you spend half an hour in the garden playing with your children. You come in to get the washing on, and you put it on. You don’t need to fix a snack, answer 20 strange questions or tell them to stop fighting because they are happy and have had attention from you. You start to cook dinner and you are left alone to cook it in peace, and you all have lovely things to say about your day around the dinner table. The house isn’t wrecked because they burnt their energy in the garden so you only had to sweep the floor once. Making time for your children, makes time for you.

Putting these steps into practice, you’ll not just get to survive the 6 week break, but you and your children will get to enjoy it and you might even find a new level of confidence and gratitude from the spectacular way you cope with the challenge of parenting for years to come.

If all else fails, remember that one day they will be potty trained, they will be riding their bikes out with friends and you might even miss the constant screams of “MUM” – until then there is wine.

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  1. You’re absolutely right on about using negative language to describe the humans we love the most! Yes, they can certainly be challenging but changing our perspective can be so helpful! I also think allowing ourselves to feel our emotions help too. Moms are tired – it’s a total given but it’s even more tiring to deny ourselves a break or even the right to say, “Hey, I’m tired, you got this?” It’s all about balance- ask for help when you need it! The best mom is a rested mom (I think)! 🙂

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So we have survived the first week of 2021, has your New Year’s Resolution survived too?

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I have been guilty of this very thing year after year, making promises to myself that I couldn’t achieve, based on the logic of being fitter or healthier or whatever, feeling deep down that this was a chore – not being able to eat cake, not having my lie ins and having to drag myself up to exercise … all negative, all feeling like effort and work.

If you don’t want to get up at 5am to go for a run, if you check the weather at night and see it’s going to be dark and cold and are dreading your alarm going off in the morning, guess what, you aren’t getting up for that run. Your mind is actively preventing you from doing this because it’s job is to move you away from pain i.e. Running in the cold, dark morning, and towards pleasure such as your cosy bed. You are telling yourself you need to run, at the same time as you are telling yourself how much you don’t want to. The positive emotions of being in your warm, cosy bed will always win over the logic of needing to be fitter.

As an RTT student, I help myself and others change those emotions so our mind is working for us, we need to find a way to change the picture. Slimming groups used to recommend you put a picture of yourself at your biggest on your fridge. The idea being that, rather than thinking of how much you will enjoy the chocolate bar in the fridge, you see the results of eating too many chocolate bars and that image dissuades you. Please don’t do this by the way, negative conditioning like this is terrible and only creates more guilt and shame for a lot of us and then leads to more comfort eating.

Rather than a cautionary tale, We need to create an idealised version to aspire to that really speaks to us, our happy thought. For some that might be a picture of the finish line of the London Marathon, A designer dress they would like to fit into or getting a qualification. For others, it could be having the energy to play with their child in the park for half an hour without having to stop for a rest. It doesn’t matter how big or small the aspiration is, all that matters is it speaks to us on a personal level, we can see it, we can hear it and we can feel it.

So knowing this, how do we set make that perfect image a goal? We make it SMART

No they don’t need to be written in Shakespearian English – They need to be:




Realistic and

Time managed.

So to use the example of “eat more healthily”, this could look something like “To eat 5 fruits and vegetables every day” or someone wanting to improve their fitness could say, I want to be able to run 5K by the end of May. Now this is giving a very specific target and at the end of the period of time you have set, a clear answer to if you have met that goal.

One of my goals this year is to write this blog every week, so I can share my learning with you and I know that is something I am definitely going to achieve.

Now you have a fantastic goal, reaching it is just like getting to Neverland, all you need is a little fairy dust (a SMART goal) and YOUR happy thought.


Anxious about going out? 3 easy steps to get you out of lockdownAnxious about going out? 3 easy steps to get you out of lockdown

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Before lockdown were you a social butterfly? Maybe not, but still you enjoyed going for drinks with friends and thought nothing of going to the hairdressers. You have spent 12 months looking forward to things going back to ‘normal’ and now there is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon we will be able to do all the things we have longed for. Now the excitement from the announcements has subsided you are faced with the reality of going out again, and now you aren’t so sure. Just like a lot people, you are feeling anxious about going out again.

You are not alone, although it is too soon to have any data on anxiety related to lockdown easing, there is plenty to suggest the Coronavirus pandemic has had a negative impact on our mental health as you can see in the below graph from ONS

Anecdotally, many of my friends and family have expressed concerns around socialising again, feeling worried or anxious about being in social situations. These anxieties range from getting used to larger groups again, being in close contact with service professionals and just generally leaving the house.

If any of this is true for you, if your stomach churns at the idea of going for a meal, if you break out in a sweat at the thought of going to the hairdresser or your breathing becomes shallow and fast just thinking about going clothes shopping; then I am going to guide you through how you can prepare your mind right now to make these things not only easier, but fun again!

  1. Change how you describe feeling anxious
Photo by Edward Eyer on

The founder of Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Marisa Peer, told me a story about two fabulous interviews in a popular music magazine. One was with Bruce Springsteen and the other was with Carli Simons. In the Springsteen interview, he was asked a question along the lines of how he is still touring at his age and giving 150% on stage. He explained that it is like a life-force to him. Before he gets on stage he is so EXCITED. His breathing quickens, he has insane butterflies like they are trying to escape, his heart rate increases and he is literally vibrating with energy. He can’t wait to get out on that stage.

Carly Simon was asked a question focusing on why she no longer performs live, and she responded that she would feel her heart rate and breathing get fast, she would feel sick with her stomach churning, and she just knew she was having a massive PANIC ATTACK.

Now go back and read those two descriptions of what it felt like to them both again, notice that they feel exactly the same! The only difference is what each person told themselves those symptoms meant. Your brain is like a sponge, it really doesn’t care if what you are telling it is helpful or unhelpful, it just soaks it up and believes it. From right now, start telling yourself these are feelings of excitement, it doesn’t matter if you feel like a fraud, because the mind doesn’t care if you believe it right now. The more you tell yourself you are excited, the more your brilliant mind will start to take it in and believe it.

2. Stop owning it and give it a new name

How do you refer to the feelings of anxiety you have? If you are constantly saying to yourself or others, “I would do the thing, if only it wasn’t for MY anxiety”?

When we possess anxiety (or any other condition) this way, we are making it part of us. We are saying that we want to rid ourselves of it, but also claiming it back – often in the same sentence. This contradicting talk doesn’t sit well in the mind, it can not handle conflicting beliefs, so it will go with the most familiar feeling that has had the most repetition and ‘air-time’ in our mind – usually the anxiety.

Once the anxiety is no longer part of you, it is much easier for your mind to let it go.

It is normal to feel some anxiety or worry in certain situations, it is an important emotion that keeps us safe when it is appropriate. It will continue to be appropriate for some time to feel a degree of worry around certain social or busy situations. This is what your body is supposed to do to keep you safe but this emotion has a spectrum.

There is a tendency in today’s culture to hyperbolise everything we feel. Nothing is fine anymore, it is awesome. We don’t have bad days at work, our jobs are killing us. We aren’t a little stressed out by are children, they are driving us crazy. These metaphors make for great story telling, but they aren’t helpful when we are talking to ourselves.

Remember, I mentioned the mind doesn’t care if what we are telling it is helpful or unhelpful, it just lets it in. Well emotive mental pictures like this are it’s favourite food and it will believe these emotionally charged words more than any logic, and worse than that, will start to make those images your reality.

So just as we assign a new word to the physical feelings, rather than exacerbate our language we also need to understate the words we use to describe our emotions as well. We may well feel highly anxious or that our children are driving us crazy, but if we flip that to the lowest possible denominator we left saying, “I’m a little nervous“, “I’m finding the children challenging today” or “I dislike my job”. We take the fuel out of the fire.

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3. Do it anyway

Look ahead to when we can finally do these things, and picture yourself doing them. Picture talking to your friends and going out for lunch or whatever it is you are feeling nervous about doing again and when the time comes, do it.

Have you ever been getting ready for a night out thinking, “I can’t be bothered tonight” but then got out the door and had a wonderful evening? This is exactly that situation. Our minds like what is familiar and over the last 12 months we have made sitting on the sofa every night in our pjs by 8pm familiar. It is normal, natural and indeed expected that our minds have adapted and now the unfamiliar idea of going out seems a little worrying. By doing it anyway, time and time again, we are changing that wiring and making what used to be our every day lives, familiar again.

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As always, if you feel you need further help with feelings of anxiety, please speak to your healthcare professional. I am not a doctor and this in no way replaces any medical advice you have received.

If you have other triggers around anxiety and would like to explore ways to help put these ideas into practice, hypnotherapy is a fantastic complimentary way to heal past trauma’s that have caused triggers for anxious thoughts or feelings in your mind. Please follow me to stay updated with my journey and reach out if you would like specific help and advice.