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3 things you can do to keep the winter blues at bay

Winter is a tough time of year for many people. The long, dark evenings can make it feel like there’s no hope left in the world and that we’re all just doomed to be miserable forever. But winter doesn’t have to be a season where you hibernate at home and dread going outside. There are plenty of things you can do to keep the winter blues at bay! Here are 3 ways you can beat those winter blues this season:

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1) turn on some music

Music affects our mood in so many ways, if you don’t believe me, next time you go to watch a horror movie watch part of it with the sound off. Suddenly it isn’t scary anymore. Music can make us mournful or scared, or it can give us a boost and fill us full of those happy endorphins while dancing around the kitchen.

If when you wake up it is still dark outside and you are on your second cup to get you moving, put on your favourite happy music while you get ready and you will soon be full of energy and optimism for the day.

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2) get out into nature

There is no such things as bad weather – only inappropriate clothes

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Now is the perfect time to get to the shops and get yourself a winter coat you feel good in, that keeps you warm without feeling like the Michelin man. Put it on and go outside. Exercise is amazing for your mood, and when coupled with the joy of being in nature it has a very real physiological affect on the body and mind.

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3) Start a journal

I think this is one of the most important for me, you can use an app like I do, such as Beautiful Mood, or any notepad you can pick up.

At the end of the day, write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Underneath that, write down 3 things you acheived today.

And finally write a statement that empowers you, for example “I AM ENOUGH” or “I AM HEALTHY AND LOVE WALKING OUTSIDE”.

Now that you have the tools to create a happier winter, don’t forget to take advantage of them. You can book your FREE consultation call with me today and get started on making this winter better than ever! The only thing left for you is to put on some music, go outside and journal your way to happiness in these next few months. I’ll see you soon 🙂


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Why you need a purpose in life and how to find itWhy you need a purpose in life and how to find it

Have you ever wondered why you are here? The universe has a reason to express itself through each and every one of us. We all have a use, a purpose and a reason to exist, even though most people will never realise that potential or even find out what that is.

My purpose is to help people reach their full potential and be the best version of themselves, whether that be not smoking or able to get a vaccination without fear. It is also showing other people just like me, who believed for years that they were helpless and worthless because they weren’t enough to protect their parents, their siblings or themselves when they were children, that they are enough, they are loveable capable worthy people.

For years I worked as an administrator for different companies. I lived on my own when I was 17, had to drop out of college to support myself and got the first admin role I could get, with no loyalty to the company and just working to get paid I wasn’t fulfilled. I tried selling compensation advice under an inspirational and amazing seller who I believe may have actually sold vodka to Russians, but in the time I worked with him I didn’t refer a single claim. I couldn’t sell it and I thought that’s it, I can’t sell anything and went back to working admin jobs in the oil and gas sector. I was getting paid well but not feeling satisfied. I was really good at what I did, but it didn’t excite me and left me wishing for the weekend by Monday lunchtime. The thing is, none of these things could make me happy because none of them were aligned with my purpose for being here. None of them gave me a sense of worth, like I was making a difference, like I mattered. I couldn’t sell compensation advice because I wasn’t passionate about it, it didn’t resonate with me on a core level, nothing to do with my actual ability. Over time, living like this and not following your passion and your purpose can lead to depression, anxiety and other health problems.

An Article in Time Magazine also linked having a purpose to better sleep, strength and immunity. People have more positive lifestyle habits when they have a sense of purpose. Not only is having purpose good for your physical and mental health, but also for your bank balance, people who feel they have a purpose in life tend to also make more money.

Not everyone’s purpose will be linked to a career, it could be a hobby or something you do in your personal life that fulfils you, that satisfies you, that you know you were put on the planet to do.

But if you don’t know what your purpose is, how can you find it?

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Marisa Peer teaches that your purpose is linked to what you enjoyed most between the ages of 7 and 14. The point where we are developing our sense of independence and self, but before the ‘practicality’ of life and other peoples opinions have had a chance to shape us. Incidentally I wanted to be a social worker or a teacher at that age (but I also wanted to be an explorer and a mermaid).

Now at this point you could be saying, I love animals and I wanted to be vet when I was 10 but now I’m 40, I can never be a vet. Firstly I would say never say never, but this is a practical reality for most. Let me tell you though, life isn’t that black and white. There are many jobs working with animals, volunteer opportunities, even adopting a rescue animal. There is so much room on the spectrum, so the next question to ask yourself is;

If you went into the doctors today and your doctor told you that you had 5 years to live, your mind and body would work just as they do right now for those 5 years but that would be it – what would you do with the rest of your life? After the travelling and spending time with loved ones, what would you do for you? You may be surprised how quickly some of the barriers and thoughts that were previously there can be circumvented when you have a time limit.

As well as helping people overcome negative habits, feelings and beliefs, I also help people find their purpose, answering these questions and more through hypnotherapy and RTT. We all have a gift, a talent that we are meant to share with the world and I want to help everyone live their best life and fulfil their potential.

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I would love to hear from you. What did you want to be when you grew up? What would you do with only 5 years left? Please add your answers in the comments.


5 Things you can do when panic strikes5 Things you can do when panic strikes

You know the feeling well, you feel frozen in time but your heart is beating quicker than ever. Your hands are sweating, you are shaking and everything has become so incredibly overwhelming. You confirm to yourself, you are having a panic attack.

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I have been there, so many times and I had no idea what to do. One time, my husband and I were shopping in London and I was having a great day, part of the busy throng of people in Piccadilly Circus chatting easily and effortlessly. We stopped to light a cigarette, moved to the side and smoked casually, still laughing about the overpriced milkshake we had enjoyed. Then it came to move on to our next destination, I noticed the shear number of people, how tightly packed they were, like a swirling torrent of rapid water. A tsunami of people, pinning me to the wall, no way to join the current. My wonderful husband was as helpful as he could be, and did eventually get us moving while I focused on nothing but his hand holding mine and my breath as it gradually slowed and deepened.

What I didn’t have then, and what my husband didn’t have, was some easy, quick techniques that would have stopped that overwhelming panic before it had even taken hold. I don’t want anyone to be in that position again, so here are some amazing techniques that have kept me panic free for over a year; without ruining my social life:

  1. Lie to yourself. The first thing you should do when you feel a panic attack coming is lie. Rather than the normal things that go through your head, “I’m having a panic attack”, “I hate this”, “This is really overwhelming” or even “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” tell yourself instead how exciting the situation is. How energised you are and how great your coping skills are. The mind doesn’t care if you are lying, it listens to the words and pictures you make for it. The more you say it, the more true it becomes until it IS your truth.
  2. Breath! When it feels like there isn’t enough air and you start to hyperventilate you increase the fight or flight response in your body, increase your levels of anxiety and worsen your panic attack. Instead, Breath in slowly and fully through your nose and into your belly. Notice how your body expands as you inhale and then slowly breath out all the negativity and tension from your body as your body softens and relaxes. Repeat this as a minimum of 5 times and for as many more as you need, and notice the changes this has on your body.
  3. If your body is starting to shake, increase it, shake more. Your body has stored energy for you to either fight or fly from the situation and this energy needs an outlet. Shake your hands, your arms – even run around your home if you feel the need to. Increase the feeling and then stop. You will see how you can control this feeling and if you can increase the shaking, your mind is powerful enough to decrease and stop it.
  4. Use the “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” method.
    • Look at 5 separate objects around you and really notice them. Focus on the size, shape and colour.
    • Listen for 4 distinct sounds, focus on what makes them different from each other and where the sound is coming from.
    • Focus on 3 different things you can feel, notice the texture, the temperature and material.
    • Identify 2 different things you can smell, can you smell your scent, your detergent or food around you. Try and find where they are coming from, and how they make you feel.
    • Name 1 thing you can taste, whatever taste is in your mouth or have a sweet or some gum to savour.
  5. Finally, Remember this shall pass. Repeat it to yourself if you need to. Your success rate for overcoming panic is 100% and you are strong and capable.

If I had known these things through my life, or if someone close to me had this knowledge, I would have had a much easier time. I hope that by sharing these tips with you, you have the tools to overcome anxiety attacks when they strike and be the best you.


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Never Join a diet again that treats you like Jane DoeNever Join a diet again that treats you like Jane Doe

Are you already looking at joining another diet program next year? Maybe a diet you lost a few lbs on before, maybe trying a ‘new’ diet? Either way, you are probably thinking of dropping some weight after Christmas or getting into a new dress for the Christmas party.

The problem is that all the diets are the same concept, restrict what you can and can’t eat (if not the amounts) and do tedious exercise to shed weight. The doctor says it’s simply a case of eating less and moving more, if the doctor says it, it must be true right?


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You are not the same as the women in the diet group on Facebook, you are not the same as the 20 other people sitting in group weigh in. So why would following the same strategy work for you?

It won’t.

And it won’t work for them, because they are different from everyone else in the room to. Weight-Watchers, Slimming World, Atkins and all the rest are designed for Jane Doe. Who only eats when she is hungry and is perfect and follows every rule. Heads up, she doesn’t exist. But that doesn’t stop doctors and slimming companies from treating all women like her.

If you are a comfort eater, the same feelings that drive you to eat, are going to be even stronger when you had a bad day and want pizza, and now you feel even worse, so you want pizza even more and you end up in a cycle that leaves you covered in crumbs from every Ryvita in the house and still ordering a dominoes – and feeling rubbish about that so let’s get the cookies too. The diet is actually contributing to your weight gain, making you feel crap about yourself and holding you back from your weight loss goals.

No amount of just substituting foods is going to work in this situation, because it isn’t hunger driving the decision and you are effectively telling yourself not to push the big red button, the shiny one, that looks like a Dominoes app.

None of this is your fault

However, a habitual eater, not driven by emotion and a need for fatty, starchy or sweet food, may find that one slice of rye bread with a little humous is enough to stop them charging through a pack of biscuits, but will struggle to eat only what they need at a buffet.

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No amount of telling an addictive eater they can have only one biscuit with a cup of tea is going to make a bit of difference, the food is calling them from the moment they know where it is and once they pop, they can’t stop!

If you relate to these, please know, none of this is your fault. We are designed to find sugar more attractive as, in primitive times it was a source of energy, calories and was rare. When we find it, we are designed to want to eat it until it is gone. Add to that the addictive additives manufacturers put in our food and you have a combination scientists are proving is as addictive as cocaine!

Your parents may have told you that you couldn’t leave the table unless you ate everything in front of you, or when you hurt yourself or needed comfort, they gave you sweets. But you can overcome these challenges and unlearn the unhelpful beliefs.

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With diets being designed for a Jane Doe that doesn’t exist (much like one size fits all leggings), how can you hack them to get the best out of your diet if they are your only option?

Well, while I have been quiet, I have been creating cheat sheets to help you no matter what your eating type (or if you’re a combination of the three). I’ve been taking some tips from the incredible Marisa Peer and have adapted her teaching into the following quiz to determine what kind of eater you are to make sure you get the information that is tailored to you.

You want to overcome your evening cravings, you want to be able to control yourself at the family get together – I can show you how. How you can overcome the emotions that lead you to unraveling a days worth of healthy eating in 5 minutes,. How to overcome the voice coming from the kids snack draw. How to have the body you want. It’s easy, only takes a few moments and is completely FREE.

Stop setting yourself up to fail and work with your eating style to start shedding weight now, not after Christmas, after all, you have got that party coming up!