Day: 2 April 2022

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A diet without restrictionsA diet without restrictions

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Are you restricted?

The answer is always going to be yes, and although it conjures quite a negative image in the mind, we welcome a lot of the restrictions in our lives.

We view some restrictions as very welcome: I am pleased that I can lock my home and know that other people are restricted from entering. I like that concerts are restricted to the number of people the venue can accommodate and I’m sure you are to.

But when it comes to dieting, I hear and see so many people saying that they hate the restrictions dieting comes with. All the things they can’t have.

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And yet, these same people are facing so many other restrictions in their lives that they desperately want to change.

They want to be able to take their children swimming.

They want to be able to go to the cinema.

They want to wear the beautiful outfits they see in magazines and catalogues, but they feel they can’t. They restrict their lives to elasticated waist bands and hiding away their amazing personalities because they feel shrouded by fat.

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When you are only a little overweight or even at your target, it is so much easier to reward yourself and feel great. You skip dessert one evening and you notice it immediately on the scales the next day. You can go for a massage or to the spa, or go on a date.

But when you feel so ashamed of your size, those rewards don’t feel available to you. You can skip dessert but it doesn’t show as quickly, you can’t find clothes that make you feel sexy and the idea of being in swimwear makes you want to hide inside the nearest oversized housecoat you can find.

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No one seems to talk about how much harder it is to reward yourself and to shed weight once you hit a certain point. Exercise and walking is harder if possible at all and emotionally there is a lot of pain with very, very slow gain.

So why would someone choose these restrictions over restricting their diet? Because you are restricted so much in every other way, and food is such an immense pleasure and feels like a reward. So much has been taken from you already, when someone tells you that you can’t have cake as well you aren’t going to listen.

By changing your mindset and really looking at all the ways in which your weight and size restrict your life, you can overcome this and embrace making healthy choices rather than feeling that certain things aren’t allowed.

Are you ready to let go of your weight and size restrictions? Remember, it’s not about depriving yourself or following a strict set of rules. It’s about making healthy choices because you want to be the best possible version of yourself- inside and out. If you’re ready for real change, book a free call with me today. I can’t wait to help you get started on your own journey to health and happiness!