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Talk yourself thin, lose weight and keep it off for good!

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Have you ever wanted to eat a corpse?

This week, I have seen a lot of Facebook posts relating to peoples ‘will power’ (or lack of) and people setting themselves up to fail before they are even out of the gate with the language they use.

So why are the words we use important?

The words we use, tell our brain and our bodies how to behave, and our brain and body responds. When you start thinking about food, you feel hungry. When new mums are talking about their babies, they may lactate and when young couples start to think about night time, other changes start to happen! Our bodies are reacting to the words we use and the pictures we create all the time, just some of those pictures are more obvious than others.

Using empowering, positive language can give you a much needed turbo boost on track to your goal, the same way that using negative, diminishing language will hold you back and stop you getting to the size and shape you want to be.

Here are the most common phrases to avoid when talking about your weight loss journey:

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Weight LOSS, LOSE weight, LOST weight

You incredible brain is so clever, but very literal. Think about just the word loss. You lose your keys, you lose money, the loss of a loved one leaves a hole that will never be filled. Loss is a word loaded with sadness and negativity. When it is something we might be able to find or replace though, like our keys – our amazing brains get to work helping us get back everything we have lost and help us to make sure we don’t lose it again.

So back to weight, you are telling your brain to help you find the weight you have lost and help you not lose it again when you use this word. (Unfortunately, the way the internet works though is no one will find this blog if I don’t use it, as it is still what many people are searching for, because no one else is teaching this stuff in the same way I am).

Instead, start using positive words, like “got rid of“, “Getting thinner / lighter“. I personally like to use “ditched“, it reminds me of ditching an ex or getting rid of something useless that’s holding me back so it works really well for me and creates a powerful, empowering image. You need to find something that gives you that same feeling. The stronger the emotional connection, the more amazing this simple change will be.


I hate this word with a passion. It already implies you are going to fail. Like when the Mother-in-Law invites you round for tea and you swear you will “try and make it”.

And when you don’t go for tea, or the gym or make a healthy choice, it’s okay because you tried.

Think about the last time you were asked to go out with your best friend, or to see your favorite band – would you say “I’ll try and be there”, or will you be there with bells on?

Start talking to yourself like making the healthy choice is top of your priority list – you will no longer try to fit in exercise, you can’t wait to work out. You won’t try to make the right choice when you go out for dinner, You are excited about seeing all the healthy options on the menu.

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This is the biggest lie some people are guilty of telling themselves. I have seen people this last week, saying they have no willpower around food. That they are stressed so they ‘gave in’ and ate everything because they have no control.

Fortunately this isn’t true for most people, it was true for this person that was caught trying to eat a CORPSE! But that is truly an exceptional circumstance. Most of us are able to control our eating, however the words we use make the unhealthy option so much more desirable.

Telling yourself you have no willpower is a lie that gives you an excuse for not making a healthy choice. “I tried but I just have no willpower.” It takes the power away from and tells you that your choices are outside of your control. This is diminishing you as a human being, let alone making it harder to make a healthy choice.

Stop saying these phrases and take responsibility for your actions. Tell yourself that you can have whatever you like, and you are choosing energy over bloating, health over fat and you love the changes you are making. You always have a choice, and you are using your will to power the new healthy life you are creating.

These simple changes will elevate your weight ditching powers and increase your motivation tenfold.

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Love Mel x


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