The Belief Distillery Melanie Parker Hypnotherapy Who the hell am I to tell you…

Who the hell am I to tell you…

Melanie Parker C.HYP MACCPH

Frankly – I know what I am talking about.

I am a licensed Rapid Transformation Therapy practitioner and certified Hypnotherapist. I have been trained by Marisa Peer

I have earned qualifications in nutrition and wellbeing, and am currently completing a course in Trauma Awareness. Mostly though, I have lived with CPTSD, OCD, Compulsive Eating and periods of not eating or purging. I have two amazing children that light up my life and an incredible husband who supports me in everything I do (and runs an amazing leather company). That doesn’t leave a lot of time for the ‘meditate it away’ approach, or the spend 4 hours prepping a meal the kids will point blank refuse to eat.

I have not only spent my life learning about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and heal from trauma, but living it and teaching others to live it in a way that fits in with their lifestyle.

The women I work with have dieted, and tried a different diet, and another diet and were at their largest, feeling like they have failed, that something is wrong with them. That it’s their fault they can’t lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. I felt the same, no matter how determined I started the week, I would end up with a family sized bar of chocolate and a tub of Ben & Jerry’s at the first hurdle.

I give these women the same thing I have given myself; energy to play with my children, a weight I love and am happy maintaining, finding this healthy lifestyle so easy and effortless and loving my sexy ass!