Ask me Anything

But before you do, Check out these frequently asked questions – No matter how bizarre you think your question may be, chances are someone already asked it!

What is this hypnosis thing anyway, sounds a bit woo-woo to me?

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation, one you have likely been in already several times today.

When you ‘go on autopilot’ in the car and can’t remember the journey or (like my hubby) drive to the wrong house! When you are so engrossed in a movie you are oblivious to things going on around you? That is the same state.

Scientifically, it is a Theta Brainwave state, we spend the majority of our time in an Alpha or Beta state. This means we are constantly analysis situations and are using what we call our ‘conscious’ mind. Theta brain waves are responsible for our creative and emotional thinking. It is a highly suggestible state and is often responsible for those “Eureka” moments in life. In it’s essence, it is the gateway to the “subconscious” mind.

How is this going to help me lose weight?

Our subconscious mind remembers EVERYTHING. Every time you told yourself “just wait until I’m bigger, I can’t wait to be big”. Every time your parent or caregiver told you “You can’t get down from the table until you clear your plate”, “Don’t waste food”, “So and so is such a skinny bitch.” These thoughts, repeated enough from a very young age, form a blueprint for our minds to follow. Your behavior must match your beliefs – the problem is these beliefs can be so rooted in your subconscious that you don’t even know they are there.

Be going into a Theta brainwave state, you are able to access all those memories and beliefs that your conscious mind has long forgotten. Using the increased suggestibility and creativity unlocked during hypnosis I can expertly guide you through the process of reviewing your beliefs, distilling what doesn’t serve you and instilling new, upgraded and exciting beliefs that become the new blueprint for losing weight, getting fit and healthy and having the energy and love for yourself to make your dreams a reality.

What is a hypnotic gastric band?

Your mind influences your body millions of times every day. Sometimes it’s obvious, such as when we think something sad, we may cry or when we think about someone ‘special’ we may get aroused. Sometimes it is less obvious, such as turning off our natural appetite suppressant by telling ourselves we are starving. By changing the beliefs and the language you use, you can eat an average of 30% less food, and by suggesting to your body that you have a small, shrunken stomach, you soon find that your eating aligns to that thought. The pictures and thoughts we create in our mind create a blueprint that the mind must consistently follow.

Can I be more than 1 type of eater?

Absolutely. I actually identify as an emotional, habitual and addictive eater. Knowing my personal triggers in each of these areas and how to overcome them and not be a slave to them is essential. Very few people indeed are only one type of eater (lucky you, if this is you, as you have less areas to work on)