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Michael – Suffolk

I’ve had a lot of worries in the past year about being in certain social situations. I’ve been anxious, shaky, losing my voice and not been able to think straight during them. Just not felt in control of my own body. They mainly happened at work so it made the worry of it almost constant.
I’ve been working the last couple of months with Mel to figure out how to correct this.
Even though initially being a bit sceptical of hypnotherapy, I was impressed with how well it worked when Mel did it on me. She dug deep over a couple of sessions and managed to pull out a few possible causes as to why I’ve felt this way.
To accompany this, Mel made a personalised recording for me to listen to daily. This was to reinforce better thought patterns to help me in my every day life.
I’ve been panicky between sessions and Mel has always been there with support at the other end of the phone to calm me or give me good advice. She’s also provided me worksheets that I’ve been able to use to improve my thought patterns.
Now with the hypnotherapy sessions, recordings, positive support, trying to make positive changes in my life and having a bit of bravery in previously nerve racking situations, I feel as though I’ve turned a corner. I’ve managed to be in these social situations and be much improved. Going into them felt like doing a bungee jump, absolutely terrifying beforehand but coming out of it feeling exhilarated. All the tension and unnecessary worry felt washed away.
I’m no longer worrying on a minute to minute basis about these things and I’m looking forward to carrying on and pushing for even more confidence. There’s no way I would have been able to do what I’ve done a couple of months ago, I would have just been a quivering wreck.
Mel has been massive in this journey to help me improve and I’d wholeheartedly recommend anyone with anxiety/stress issues to work with her.

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Jo – Shrewsbury

I approached Melanie for help with my weight loss journey after slipping into bad eating habits and having an unhealthy relationship with food. I was a little apprehensive of the whole process as this was my first time under hypnosis but Melanie made me feel completely relaxed and in control. I was absolutely amazed at the memories/scenes that Melanie helped me to uncover very quickly and they helped me to understand my thoughts and feelings around food (all of which were from a young age). There were so many lightbulb moments!! Melanie helped me to address and reframe these effortlessly. The recording that Melanie provided afterwards has helped to cement my new ideas into place and I couldn’t believe the instant change in my thought processes around food. I was no longer craving sweets and treats but I was actually craving fresh food and vegetables!! As a result of this, I have already lost half a stone and can’t wait to continue this journey. Thanks Melanie!

John – Surrey

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I saw Melanie because I wanted to quit smoking. Melanie approached my sessions in a very patient and professional manner. She was extremely friendly throughout and at all times kept me informed of what was going to happen. I was wary of going under hypnosis as I do not like being out of control but she assured me that I could snap out of it at any time and the sessions were eye opening and really relaxing. She makes the hypnosis seem effortless and even maintained her composure when my internet failed half way through my session and was able to quickly resume the connection and the hypnosis. Thanks to her I have re wired my brain. I would highly recommend Melanie to anyone. Thank you Melanie!