Zoomnosis Top Tips

To give you the best experience of Rapid Transformation Therapy through zoom,
please follow these tips ahead of our session.

Please sit close to your router and ensure you have a good wifi signal

Please turn off your mobile phone / landline for the session, and ensure the device you are using Is In “do not disturb” mode

Ensure you do not book any deliveries during the time of our session

Please switch on a light In the room you are In, It may get dark during our
session depending on time and I need to be able to see you throughout the

Check that your head and torso are visible on screen, during the session I may
ask you to move your arms and I need to see you do this.

Ensure you can raise your arms In front of you and lower them without
knocking anything

Please plug your device In to prevent your battery becoming empty during the

Ensure you will not be disturbed (this Includes any pets)

Please go to the bathroom before our session start time